3 Crazy Simple Tips To Make It As A Rapper In 2020 [SECRET]

How to make it as a rapper in 2020

Nowadays becoming a successful rapper or hip-hop artist, whoever you are (you can be a young white male rapper from the US suburbs or a music lover dude from Nigeria or South Africa)
is not gonna be easy, I would say a lot of aspiring rappers make it a seem hard, because they are not succeeding. But unfortunately success does not come overnight
Actually being a rapper is like starting a new business : you really need to know how you gonna make it successful

So if you’re really serious about it and accept the fact that you cannot make it as a rapper in 2020 in this music industry without hard work, I’m gonna give you some few tips that might help you answer this question : how to make money as a rapper ?

Tip 1 – Know your audience

Music itself won’t sell if it is not intended to the correct audience. Many successful SoundCloud rapper made it because their music targeted the right people. People that relates to their lyrics
You can’t be talking about the trap and try to push it to wall street guys, even though some might like your songs, the ratio will be too low to hope to be living off of it.

Some like get the boost from the song as they prepare to go to the club others like to hear depressing stories, it remind them of their own life as they might just going through a break up. Most of all, as an artist you want your music to be about you, so somehow your audience would probably be people who look like you more or less, fancy the same stuff, watch the same games and so on. So at he end it should be easy. Be yourself and try to reach those mini you around the world who are living the same life or going through the same emotions.

Tip 2 – Fix yourself some goals

How many SoundCloud fans I am gonna make this year ? How many Instagram followers I will get this week ? How many songs I am gonna publish per month. You need to have daily, weekly and monthly goals. And see your self in the long term. What career as an artist I want to have. Ask your self for example : Do I want to be signed to a label in the next 2-3-5 years ? Or should I remain an Independent rapper ? What should I do to achieve this ? Who should I reach out to ?

As you can see fixing you some goals make you question yourself, discipline your routine and help you take immediate actions. The good part about the daily and weekly goals is that they are most of time easy to achieve and make you feel more confident in your path to success

Tip 3 – Take control of your social Media

It is probably not the most fun part about being an artist, but back to the first point, your audience is the one who will get you paid, so you need to interact with your fans. The MO is the same, “be yourself”, but try to be consistent in the delivery and in the message conveyed.

Be in sync with your music production. If you are releasing a new song and you are hitting the studio, try to share some pics of live footage on the Instagram to tease your work to the fans and make them eager to listen to the final product. Use it to network also. You can make tons of connection with new rapper for new collabs or get the hardest trap beats available by reaching out to beatmakers.

If you think about it, you are the brand and you have to market yourself. It can be hurtful to think that you are finally nothing more but a marketing product, but these are the rules of the game and if you want to succeed you have to try to follow them as much as you can. Stay visible, and YouTube is an amazing tool to grow your audience. Your fans will also relates to the real you as a human being.

Bonus Tip – Inspire yourself

There are plenty rappers out there who made it and maybe you should follow their blueprint or at least inspire yourself from their move as unsigned artists. Here you will find plenty of beats that can help you with your workflow a follow the likes of NLE Choppa, Lil Keed, Key Glock and others …

Make it as a rapper in 2020

All right then, I hope these few advices gave you a better idea of how to make it as a rapper in 2020

In the next post I will try to give my insight on how to be a rapper from an artist point of view, so in the mean time feel free to share or comment this one !

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